Babe Ruth and All American High School team at Yankee Stadium.

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Murray Garrett worked as a professional photographer specializing in show business, first in New York in the early 1940's then in Hollywood from 1946 to 1973. He was sent on assignment by the best news magazines, including LIFE, TIME, and LOOK, and also worked privately for many directors, film executives, and stars on personal assignments. Now retired, he lives with his wife in Sherman Oaks, California.
Hollywood Moments

Murray Garrett is back with another wonderful book of photographs and reminiscences of Hollywood in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Here he presents a new collection of his remarkable pictures - of moguls, movie stars, and the great legends of show business. Once again, fans can enter the world of beautiful people, enormous wealth, and almost unimaginable glamour that was Garrett's assignment for more than twenty-five years.

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Hollywood Candid
A Photographer Remembers

This collection of rare photos from Hollywood's Golden Era - including never-before-seen shots of Marilyn Monroe, Gary Cooper, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Cary Grant, and other legendary stars - showcases 150 of the best pictures taken by photojournalist Murray Garrett when he was on assignment in Hollywood from 1946 to the 1970s.