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What is Venetian glam decor

The Venetian style in the interior dates back to the Renaissance. This peculiar and incredibly elegant trend is still relevant today.

Features of the Venetian style in the interior

The Venetian style is one of the most luxurious and respectable directions in the world of design, because it is the Italian Venice is considered the legislator of the interior fashion. In this city, the world famous masters perfected their art and brought it to life.

Characteristic features of the Venetian style in the interior

Byzantium that fell to the crusaders in the XIII century had a great influence on the Venetian style formation. The wealth and splendor of Constantinople went to Venetians, giving rise to a new direction.

The Venetian style in the interior is very multifaceted, as it was influenced by other cultures. However, the fundamental direction is considered to be the Renaissance, from which have been borrowed characteristic architectural elements: rounded arches, resembling the form of the dome, coffered ceilings, arches, bay windows and niches.

The Venetian style is subject to the principles of cyclicity and symmetry. The interior uses paired columns, colonnades, repetitive architectural elements. A characteristic feature of the Venetian style are enfilades of windows, as if strung on a single line. The appearance of the interior looks fundamental, large-scale and detailed. The architectural appearance and interior decoration of the rooms form a unified and coherent composition.

The Venetian style suggests an abundance of decorative finishes in the form of frescoes. The presence in the interior of Greek and Roman architectural elements, various statues and sculptures is explained simply: this direction was also formed under the influence of antique culture.

Venetian glam decor

Color scheme of the Venetian style in the interior

Design in the Venetian style is inextricably linked to a rich palette of shades. The color scheme of this direction looks like a carnival: so multifaceted and shimmering it is. The main rule when choosing colors for the interior design is the observance of coloristic unity.

As the main color should be chosen pastel shades, which will be similar to the natural shades of marble, cotton, ivory, mother of pearl. They are necessarily complemented by noble colors. Shades such as marsala, purple, indigo, terracotta, ruby red are suitable for this. The combination of a beautiful color scheme with luxurious gilding allows you to create an atmosphere of splendor, gloss and elegance in the Venetian interior.

Features of interior decoration in the Venetian style

Finishing the interior in the Venetian style requires a careful selection of materials. It is unlikely that you will be able to save much, because with the help of cheap laminate and plastic it is impossible to convey the beauty of this direction.

The interior in the Venetian style is the domination of natural marble. This material is used not only as a floor or wall covering, but also for finishing stairs, fireplace portals, furniture. In modern designs in the Venetian style it is allowed to use ceramic tiles, which will imitate the appearance of marble.

Venetian plaster is traditionally used for finishing walls. Its incredible beauty, texture and noble, slightly glossy coating enhance the feeling of luxury and wealth of design. As an alternative, you can also choose wallpaper with a suitable theme. It is best if they are done in the spirit of the Renaissance or Baroque.

Laconic white ceiling in the Venetian style, if desired, decorate with wooden beams or neat moldings. Stained-glass windows, textile trellises, ceramic mosaic and Murano glass elements are used as decorative trim. The Venetian style favors a combination of different textures that create a sense of volume and depth in the interior.

Interior design in Venetian style

Stylized pieces of furniture and decorations allow not only to create a classic Venetian style in the interior, but also to fit this direction into modern design.

Venetian style furniture

Venetian style in the interior is, first of all, aesthetic beauty. Comfort and convenience of furniture goes into the background, giving way to elegance, grace and excellent appearance. Furnishings are made of wood, preferably of precious species. Expensive natural fabrics such as silk, brocade and velvet are used for upholstery.

The furniture in Venetian style is characterized by regular lines, solidity, volumetric decor, rounded forms and unusual armrests. Inlay, carving, patination and decorative bronze plates are often used in decoration of items.

The peculiarity of the Venetian style in the interior is a library. Entire rooms were allocated for this purpose in the rich houses of Venice. In a modern interior, it is enough to make a zone in the living room, placing there a bookcase with glass doors and an elegant reading chair.

Decor in Venetian style

Interior design in the Venetian style should be well lit. To do this, use stylized fixtures, crystal chandeliers, wall sconces with wrought iron and glass plafonds. The abundance of glass and crystal allows you to create an intricate play of light and enhance the atmosphere of celebration and luxury.

To decorate the interior in the Venetian style different mirrors in expensive frames are used. And they can be hung not only on the open walls, but also hidden in niches. Such a trick allows you to visually correct the room and create the illusion that there is another room inside.

Additionally the interior is decorated with glass and crystal, gold and silver candlesticks, clocks, and thematic paintings. Textiles are mainly used to drape the window openings, the exception is the bedroom, where the bed is usually decorated with an abundance of pillows and a few blankets.

Deciding to implement in your home design in the Venetian style, listen to the feelings. Do not rush to combine all the existing features of this style in one interior, and remember that the aesthetics of your home depends only on you.