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Old Hollywood interior design

The Hollywood Regency style emerged in the 1930s during the heyday of cinema. It was used to create a dramatic backdrop for actors on stage, but soon became extremely popular with designers and architects. Experts such as William Haynes, Dorothy Draper, Kelly Whistler, and Jonathan Adler helped to make it very famous and widespread.

This stylistic direction has much in common with such manners as Chinoiserie, Neoclassic, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. It exudes sophistication and confidence with a touch of swagger. Its appeal lies in its impeccable elegance as well as its ability to bring authentic interior design to life. In today’s story, we will introduce you to the main features of this amazing style.

A small amount of furniture

With the aim of cocktail parties and unhurried conversation, this direction in the interior puts people in the spotlight. Chairs, chaise lounges and sofas with low seating and modest shapes don’t clutter the space and invite guests to settle in for pleasant conversation. Avoid installing furniture around the perimeter of the room or grouping it around the TV.

In this dramatic fashion, the set has an unusual and sophisticated appearance. You can use antiques, models in the neoclassical style or Art Nouveau objects.

Strong color

The main hue palette of the Hollywood Regency is black and white, as it represents the stark contrast that characterizes the interiors of films of the time. However, bright and juicy colors can bring incredible energy to your home decor.

Take advantage of colorful accents (turquoise, fuchsia, tangerine and regal purple) to give the decorations a special expression. Combine versatile garnish and accessories to show their contrast. For example, a black chair against a sapphire wall.

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Bold paintings

Out-of-the-box solutions help complement the manner of the Hollywood regency. Trellises and prints, art deco elements and neoclassical motifs, wide stripes and geometric accents will fit in wonderfully with this style.

Take advantage to decorate the wall surface with wallpaper, which is again gaining popularity. If you’re afraid to wallpaper the entire room, try decorating small areas.

Lacquered finishes

Gloss and shine are the main elements of this manner. Glossy lacquer lets designer furniture come to life, and a sparkling chandelier brings sophistication and elegance to the décor.

Luxurious fabrics

Rich and chic fabrics add a special splendor to a room in this style. Choose quality and beautiful textiles for the design: velvet, chenille or suede.


Chinoiserie is a French word that represents the Chinese style, the motifs of which are used in this design direction. It manifests itself in the appearance of wallpaper, furniture, art and jewelry in the form of traditional Asian patterns such as birds, flowers and landscapes.

Chinoiserie is a bright and whimsical interpretation of the Chinese style, which is in perfect harmony with a room in theatrical design. Combine the two modern art trends together for a more expressive and dramatic effect.


Mix sparkling panels, display surfaces in frames, furniture and accents to create a sparkle in the decor. You can form a tiered effect using mirrors, which will enlarge the room and add a special aesthetic appeal to the décor.

At the same time, use them carefully and judiciously, so as not to scare away your guests with an abundance of sparkling surfaces.

Whimsical details

The Hollywood Regency style evokes a sense of illusion because it includes incredible interior pieces: lush carved frames and mirrors, voluptuous crystal lamps, tassels on cushions and brightly colored canvases. Plus, it has accents of the exotic and avant-garde, so it needs great authentic furnishings.

We have brought to your attention a terrific selection of tips and recommendations for implementing this interesting design manner in the decoration of the apartments, which can fill the atmosphere with a sense of drama and special expressiveness.