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How to design photo studio

The opening of a photo studio should be approached very competently, consistently and thoughtfully. Particular attention should be paid to the interior of the photo studio. In this article we will try to reveal all the aspects of the successful creation of a photo studio.

What should be the room for a photo studio?

The most important value of a photo studio is space – the more of it the better. Maximum space is maximum freedom for different light and color combinations, maximum ease and comfort, so necessary for the creativity, a maximum of ideas.

The total area of the room should be at least 60 square meters, of which about 20 square meters will take make-up room and the administrator’s working area. Thus, the studio itself is about 40 square meters.

The most optimal height of the ceilings – 3 – 3.5 meters.

photo studio

Background for the studio

Background is one of the most important elements of photo studio, because the impression you get from the picture, depends directly on the background. Its main purpose is to highlight the object of the photo, presenting it in the most successful color.

The background should be slightly larger than the photo itself to prevent various undesirable effects around the edges. For full-length portraits and group portraits cloth width should be not less than 3 meters, and for portraits of larger plan is suitable cloth width of 1.5-2 meters.

Backgrounds are classified according to the material they are made of:

  • Fabric backdrops, which can be used as smooth or in the form of various draperies;
  • Disposable paper backdrops for the photo studio;
  • Plastic;
  • Silkscreen.

A standard photo studio should have a minimum of 4 backgrounds of different colors. Black and white are obligatory, additional colors can be pink, gray, green, purple, beige and others. Also popular lately are backgrounds that imitate different conditions and textures. For example, imitation brickwork. The main rule for the background – it should not be too variegated, as such a background loses the object of photography itself.

Necessary equipment and furniture

In addition to the most important equipment for studio photography – a camera, a necessary condition is the presence of the following elements:

  • Lighting. They can be professional (with a huge number of different options and finely tuned color temperature) and semi-professional (reliable equipment with a set of all the necessary functions for a professional photographer). The minimum number of devices depends on the type of photography. For photographing objects 2 light sources are enough, while for portraits at least 3-4 light sources are necessary. It can be incandescent, fluorescent or LED. The latter are preferable due to the possibility of adjusting brightness via dimmers.
  • Light nozzles. An essential element for organizing light in the studio are various nozzles for luminaires: honeycomb, umbrellas, softboxes, tube, filters, flaps, octoboxes, portrait plate.
  • Lighting fixture mounting system. It comes in two varieties: floor-mounted in the form of racks and suspended. The disadvantages of floor stands are that they take up a lot of space and are inconvenient to move them around. Hanging lights are very convenient because their movement is provided by a special sliding system on the ceiling in the form of rails, which allows you to easily move the light source in the right place. Plus they’re height-adjustable, leaving your studio’s underside free for work.
  • Stand for backgrounds.
  • A table, chair, computer and telephone for the receptionist.
  • Dressing table, screen and mirror for the dressing room.
  • Shower stall.

You can choose it all individually, or buy a ready-made studio set.

Studio interior

Studio photography is a special kind of artistic activity. Therefore, when creating pictures, special attention should be paid to the interior of the studio, because it directly affects our mood and the mood of the model. Complementing the design of the photo studio is the right light.

Working in the studio involves the creation of different artistic images, which is impossible to accomplish without the mobility of the interior elements. That is, a lively sunny atmosphere with bright colors could be quickly replaced by a calm gentle atmosphere with pastel shades.

The interior design of the photo studio depends on the target audience it is aimed at and on the subject of the photograph. The options for decorations may be as follows:

  • Staged photography (stylized composition of various elements);
  • Technical photography (taking pictures of one or more objects, which do not require high artistic quality, the main requirement is a high clarity and the correct transfer of color and shape);
  • Interior photography (for the design of various interior magazines, catalogs; uses technology that allows photos to make the highest resolution);
  • Portrait photography (family photos, portraits of individuals; the main task is to capture a person’s individuality, momentary mood, depth of look).

Each person is characterized by a desire for a certain style that expresses his character and inner world in general. Therefore, a professional photo studio should have different variations of style – from the majestic Empire with an abundance of gold elements and ornate lines to the calm and gracious Provence. Loft, Vintage and Modern styles are also popular.

Interior decoration of the studio

So, now we understand that creating a photo studio is a matter that requires special knowledge, keen spatial perception and a huge creative potential. It is impossible to cope with this task in a short time, because a good photo studio should combine the maximum functionality, competent organization of space and a subtle creative approach to interior decoration. Therefore, it is better to spend months on its creation, so that afterwards you can enjoy your work in a comfortable and cosy environment.