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How to design a postcard

Designing printed products initially seems complicated, so most people place orders with local studios. In practice, creating a postcard design is not difficult if you use specialized free programs and understand the nuances. You will only need to turn to professionals to print out fully prepared files.

The first time you create your own design can be time-consuming, but subsequent times are quick and allow you to be more and more imaginative.

How to make your own postcard

The design of a postcard depends directly on its type. Therefore, before developing the project, it is necessary to determine the scope and functionality of the product.

You can create any kind of postcard on your own with the help of online services or programs like Photoshop. But before you start developing it is important to understand the peculiarities of their design.

Below you will learn the differences between different types of postcards, and what to pay attention to when creating them.

Promotional postcard

Used mainly for interaction with young people aged 20-35 who are socially and financially active. According to the rating, traditional advertising has a minimal impact on them, while this kind of unconventional move guarantees a very high efficiency. In addition, this type of brand promotion becomes a reason to launch “word of mouth”. As a result, more and more people will learn about your company and are likely to turn to you for services.

Birthday card

A greeting card design for a birthday, holiday or as an attachment to a gift for personal achievement can be as bold and vibrant as possible. Trends are constantly changing, but one thing remains unchanged – greeting cards are always associated with pleasant emotions. This should be reflected in the design.

It is optimal to choose “colors of joy” for the cards of this direction – yellow, red, blue, orange, etc. As elements, it is optimal to choose thematic images. For example, for a wedding greeting card perfectly suits pictures of doves, flowers, rings, etc.

Corporate greeting card

Corporate greeting card “happy birthday” is usually created in a neutral style. This helps to give it to employees and their families, regardless of the recipient. There are necessarily 3 elements in corporate greeting cards: a universal inscription, company name and logo. The rest of the details are formed based on your needs and wishes for the final product.

What you should know about card design

When developing the design, the color palette is taken into account, pictures are selected or created independently, fonts are chosen and the text is carefully composed. Developing an ideal image, show it at least 10 people to hear their views and take it into account when making changes. And only after that design can be considered truly appropriate.


When designing a postcard template, you need to consider the theme. This is to ensure that different types of cards have a unique design that fits the theme of the greeting.

For example, business ones are created in a minimalist style with strict lines. While the romantic ones have flowers, the humorous ones are accompanied by drawings and photos of food, and the festive ones have thematic images.


Developing a unique postcard is a responsible activity, so the result is mainly sent to loved ones, business partners, distinguished employees. Personification helps to make a unique gift unforgettable.


The text is created individually for the recipient or is universal. The last variant is actual when it is necessary to make printed matter for all employees or it is planned to send invitations.

design a postcard

Color combinations

Before preparing to send to the printing house for art printing, it is advisable to check the correspondence of the palette to the mood you want to convey:

A festive atmosphere (such as in birthday cards) is created by bright tones – yellow, green, red, orange and blue;

The formality of the card can be created with restrained colors – purple, blue, beige, etc.

The main thing is not to use many shades in the design at the same time. It is better to stop at 2-3 main colors.

What sizes and formats of postcards to choose

Creating unique designs, it is important to remember the limitations of envelopes and albums. That’s why it’s advisable to consider 2 factors:

If you plan to send a postcard by mail, an envelope size fits 150×100 mm, 210×100 mm, 210×148 mm not including folds;

Putting in a collection album is limited to the size of pockets 90×140 mm and 100×150 mm.

There are many peculiarities of designing corporate cards with the logo, greeting cards for birthdays and other holidays. Take into account all possible features when creating a layout, and the result will be excellent.