Debbie Reynolds on Murray Garrett

Howard Strickling was the head of public relations at MGM, the studio that first signed me as a teenager. I remember Mr. Strickling telling me that he considered Murray Garrett A "photographer's photographer." Not only did he cover Hollywood for some of the best-known publications in the world, he was also trusted by some of the biggest names in town - People like Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Loretta Young, Charles Laughton, and Barbara Stanwyck. Murray did private photographic work for every one of them.

What I recall most vividly about Murray was how quickly and efficiently he did his job. Whether he was working at one of my Thalian parties in Beverly Hills or shooting a layout of me at my home in Burbank, I was always impressed by how unobtrusive, pleasant, and accommodating Murray was, to me and to all of his subjects.

On my coffee table at home is a copy of Hollywood candid: a photographer Remembers, Murray's first book, which is filled with simply wonderful photographs of the people I grew up with in Hollywood. I am sure you will enjoy his second book, Hollywood Moments, which is filled with more great photos and anecdotes about Hollywood in its heyday.

Debbie Reynolds