April 16, 1999
Bob Hope On Murray Garrett

There are photographers and then there is Murray Garrett. He has a magic eye or a secret device in his camera that captures something different, something special that is missed by other photographers. I found him, he didn't find me. In 1946 he was assigned to cover one of my radio tours for the American GIs. His photographs were so great that from then on I didn't leave home without him. And for 25 years he not only covered all my radio and TV activities but, he laughed at all my jokes. Now, that's a major talent.

He always made me look good - but, then again, he started with me in the '40s - in the days before I had to hire Earl Scheib as my makeup man.

But, I'm not the only one who benefited from Murray's magic - all of Hollywood recognized the genius of Garrett. He was always that one photographer who stood on the inside of the ropes at all the events. Now, with his book, everybody has the opportunity to see and study the talent, the brilliance of Murray Garrett.